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Occupation: Managing Consultant at Alexander James, Auckland/Viaduct Harbour
Nick’s Motto is: What goes around comes around! His spare time is taken up with training for Ironman, long distance tri events and growing the best and tastiest vegetables on the North Shore! 
Personal achievements: IM finisher in 2011 and 2013

My goal from the outset was IM 2011 Finishing Line and crossing it, that was the easy part, without a coach I can only imagine it to be a very hard and lonely experience.
I have worked with many coaches in the past, Barb Kramer you are the best :) why, because you truly care, you give it 100% and yep you are alongside me when its pissing down with rain at 6am ready for a Swim then a Bike ride and then a run....when choosing your coach just think about that, I can save you a lot of hassle meeting other coaches just give Barb a buzz. Barb will keep you fully on track, will challenge you on your thoughts, will give you so much more and make it work for you. A coach is only as good as the plan and Barbs knowledge, experience and dedication works.
I had a few niggles along the way - spoke to Barb and the next day the programme was re-jigged. How many coaches out there can truly give you that level of attention! Barb really knows her stuff, from what to eat, how to juggle work and when to push/pull back. Thanks for being a big part of my first IM journey…"

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  • Author: Nick “ROUDY” Roud