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Occupation: Beauty Therapist and owner of “Molliers” Skin and Body Therapy in Mount Eden
Personal achievement: IM finisher2011 along with numerous Half IM and Half Marathon finisher

Barb goes above and beyond the call of being a coach. She is ALWAYS there for all of her athletes whenever they need her, after hours, phone calls, and weekends. Barbs knowledge in Triathlon is huge and she is always on training courses and doing research to broaden her knowledge. She has great results with her clients and always gets the best out of them. I find Barb to be very honest, no sugar coating but also very motivating.
Barb always explains the training programs she writes so I have a good understanding of why I’m doing it, the benefit of it and where we are going with it. I have been with Barb since 2006 from a Tri Girl wanting to achieve more and she has got me through all distances in Triathlon including Ironman, which we are heading into this year with number 2! She has especially helped me with my running and cycling making me stronger and faster!
And when you just need a friend to talk too, she is that as well. I really wish Barb the greatest success in Coaching."

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  • Author: Adele Stimpson