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Occupation: Managing Consultant at Alexander James, Auckland/Viaduct Harbour
Nick’s Motto is: What goes around comes around! His spare time is taken up with training for Ironman, long distance tri events and growing the best and tastiest vegetables on the North Shore! 
Personal achievements: IM finisher in 2011 and 2013

My goal from the outset was IM 2011 Finishing Line and crossing it, that was the easy part, without a coach I can only imagine it to be a very hard and lonely experience.
I have worked with many coaches in the past, Barb Kramer you are the best :) why, because you truly care, you give it 100% and yep you are alongside me when its pissing down with rain at 6am ready for a Swim then a Bike ride and then a run....when choosing your coach just think about that, I can save you a lot of hassle meeting other coaches just give Barb a buzz. Barb will keep you fully on track, will challenge you on your thoughts, will give you so much more and make it work for you. A coach is only as good as the plan and Barbs knowledge, experience and dedication works.
I had a few niggles along the way - spoke to Barb and the next day the programme was re-jigged. How many coaches out there can truly give you that level of attention! Barb really knows her stuff, from what to eat, how to juggle work and when to push/pull back. Thanks for being a big part of my first IM journey…"
  • Nick “ROUDY” Roud

Occupation: Beauty Therapist and owner of “Molliers” Skin and Body Therapy in Mount Eden
Personal achievement: IM finisher2011 along with numerous Half IM and Half Marathon finisher

Barb goes above and beyond the call of being a coach. She is ALWAYS there for all of her athletes whenever they need her, after hours, phone calls, and weekends. Barbs knowledge in Triathlon is huge and she is always on training courses and doing research to broaden her knowledge. She has great results with her clients and always gets the best out of them. I find Barb to be very honest, no sugar coating but also very motivating.
Barb always explains the training programs she writes so I have a good understanding of why I’m doing it, the benefit of it and where we are going with it. I have been with Barb since 2006 from a Tri Girl wanting to achieve more and she has got me through all distances in Triathlon including Ironman, which we are heading into this year with number 2! She has especially helped me with my running and cycling making me stronger and faster!
And when you just need a friend to talk too, she is that as well. I really wish Barb the greatest success in Coaching."

  • Adele Stimpson
Occupation: Certified builder, self employed
Personal achievement: since 2011 he is hooked on IM, IM finisher Cairns 2012, Melbourne 2013,
Wales Sept 2013, at present training for IMNZ 2014

I have trained with Barbara for nearly three years and I can honestly say that I believe she can successfully get any one to the finish line. Her natural understanding of the body and ability to get the most from her athletes without breaking them is outstanding. I always recommend her services to any first timers giving it a go and wish her all the luck in the future.

  • Tony Hodge

Occupation: Theatre Nurse at Wanganui hospital
Personal achievement: finisher of numerous IM events, highlight of her career - finish IM Kona in 2009
IMNZ 2011: Karen Short and Barb Carson were in contention all day for the win in the W55-59. In the end, Short’s 21-minute lead out of the swim brought her home in 12:41:00, seven minutes ahead of Dods!"

  • Barb “Doddsy” Carson – IM JUNKIE
  • .
Occupation: Contracts Administrator at Auckland Uni services
Personal achievement: she finished numerous Half Marathons and Half IM events, at present she is training for her first Ironman 2014
  • Maria Rastberg

Occupation: working with her husband at West City Engineering Ltd, Specialist in food and beverage, business owner
Personal achievement: IM finisher 2011, at present training for IMNZ 2014; she also has completed many Half IM and Half Marathons

  • Angie Bennell
Occupation: Commercial Manager at ASB Ltd
Personal achievement: IM finisher Cairns 2012, finisher of numerous Marathons and Half Marathons with his wife Kathy
  • Andrew Voss
Occupation: Project Manager for DATACOM
Personal achievement: IM finisher 2011, PB at the Auckland Marathon in 2012 (3.28.41), finisher of numerous Half IM, presented NZ at the ITU World Champs in 2012, at present training for IMNZ 2014
  • Brett Metcalfe
Occupation: Maori Liaison Officer for Otago University
Personal achievement: he finished twice Half IM Maori in 2011 and 2012; finished a few of the long distance runs at the Total Sport off road series 2013 and completed the Onehunga Half Marathon in 1.56.28
Ash’s story: he has set himself 13 goals this year in memory of his mother who passed away in October last year; she was the greatest women he ever knew; he already has completed 7 goals to date.
I asked him how committed he was when we talked about IM training and to complete IMNZ 2014.
He didn't know how to answer that question…but he attached an old picture of his and it didn’t need any words.
Thank you once again for helping me on my journey Barbara
Ngā mihi - many thanks
  • Ashley Te Whare
Occupation: Owner of Radiate Sound Ltd, Auckland
Personal achievement: former swimmer for the Scottish National Team, IM finisher in 2007, 2009 and 2012
  • David Liversidge
Occupation: Cow cocky
Personal achievement: IM finisher 2008 and finisher of numerous multisport events, Coast 2 Coast 2012
Trains with Chris WILSON
  • Mark Roberts
Occupation: Electrical Engineer for Independent Liquor
Personal achievement: IM finisher 2008 and finisher of numerous multisport events
Mark and Chris were my first athletes …
  • Chris Wilson
Occupation: Administration at UBM Medica
Personal achievement: IM finisher 2011 and 2013, she also competes in Half IM and Marathon distances.
  • Sandie Morice